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My Name Is Lisa Olinda
And I'm The CEO Of Olinda Services, Today's Modern Assistant.

I believe in a holistic approach to business and use tools and productivity expertise to help entrepreneurs and organizations fulfill their passion while maintaining a sense of work/life balance. I offer administrative services designed to help entrepreneurs and organizations maximize profit. You laser-focus on your business model; I focus on the administrative management.

I have spent the last year doing an intensive business immersion program, read and blog regularly and was recently featured in Business2Community as one of three entrepreneurs driven to succeed.

Please reach out to me and let me help you bring balance to your life and business. I look forward to hearing from you!

-- Lisa Olinda

Olinda Services is all about being Today’s Modern Assistant. Olinda Services was started in the late 90’s to help small, local businesses and ministries develop and grow. Founder, Lisa Olinda, took this service online in 2007.

Lisa Olinda, Mom of Five, Wife to One, Grandmom to Two. I relish my role as wife, mom, and grandmom! This group of wonderful, supportive people are my "why". They energize me to do what I do.

My busy life gives me a unique insight into the complexity of today’s women. Women are so talented at juggling the many priorities in life; but sometimes it is difficult to keep our focus on the most important tasks, the ones that grow our business.

-- Lisa Olinda

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Virtual Assistant

Your virtual assistant (an assistant that works in a remote location) can set up your social media profiles and help you find followers. You need to have an active presence online to build trust with potential clients. Allow your assistant to set up RSS feeds to Feedly or your favorite service. Your assistant can quickly scan the articles for content and then schedule them for broadcast on your favorite social media platform. You can also get a concise overview on the movers and shakers of your industry.

Solutions Connected

Connections make us all stronger. With partnerships, people, services and specialty resources, we can help you improve workflow productivity as well as leverage intelligent technology to your benefits. Our commitment is steadfast and we want to to support you to enable your business to operate smarter. Smarter operation means more productivity and that equates to increased profitability.

Website Management

Your website is active, but it needs constant maintenance. Hackers love an out-of-date website. If you site is hacked you run the risk of client computers being affected and embarrassment. Solve that by allowing your assistant to manage your website; making sure all themes and plug-ins are up-to-date and maintaining regular backups and security scans. Your assistant can also post your blogs. Experts agree that it is a good idea to post to your blog at the minimum twice a week.


Are you behind in your invoicing? Are vendors requesting payment but you just don't have the time to deal with it? Do you have a charge you can't reconcile? After developing a trust with your virtual assistant, these are excellent areas to let them shine. Your virtual assistant can provide bank and credit card reconciliation, receipt management, invoicing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable. Spruce up those annual reports and wow your accountant with awesome books.

Document Management

Do you have a good grasp on your document management?.Is your branding reflected in your presentations, correspondence, business cards, and reports? Let your virtual assistant help you develop a polished, professional image for your business. PowerPoint decks can be optimized for creative presentations. With the latest Microsoft Office products, your documents will be handled safely and securely. Your assistant can respond to RFPs and develop Statement of Work. Have your assistant build press kits, do data entry, and develop CRM management. You have enough do, focus on creating content for your event and let your virtual assistant handle the details of locating a venue for the right price in the right location and organizing all of the event planning.

Action Expertise Delivered

You need solutions to those cost ineffective tasks that are important but can interrupt you from the things that are a better use of your time. Successful executive management practices state that these tasks should be delegated to your support staff who will get it done and follow through, on time and budget, every time. We're your solutions-oriented partner. We get it done and keep you informed and up to date on all timelines, projects, and scheduling. We provide a team with the experience, intelligence and right skills to help you make strategic business decisions. With this in place you can scale more efficiently to reach your objectives.

Our Services, Not Just The Status Quo.

Small Business Resource Center

Assisting businesses and non-profit organizations with their important administrative needs. These can include anything from administrative consulting (helping you build your team), daily operations management, marketing, content management, or document management. Your time can then be put toward building your business and developing your product.

Administrative Support

Let your assistant calendar your client appointments, speaking engagements, travel, and project work. Calendaring in defined down time helps you stay refreshed and maintain your work balance. Let your assistant know travel preferences so that traveling is stress-free. Your assistant can send out cards adding that personal touch to wow clients, friends, and family. Your assistant can also keep your contact list up-to-date with addresses, birthdays, and anniversaries. Let your assistant help you build that know, like and trust factor for your business.

Content Management

Let your assistant post press releases articles, blog posts, event planning, sales promotions or whatever is needed to your website to keep it's content current and fresh. Content can then be repurposed for social media, operations management, guides, newsletters, perhaps marketing content to get approved materials published, printed or into syndication. Calm, more productive, and coordinated content management creates peace of mind. Take it to the next level with professional, coordinated and strategic services from Olinda Services.

Digital Communications

Provide your virtual assistant access to your email inbox to delete spam, respond to customers on support issues and make a list of contacts and mission critical items that need your attention or response. Your email can be prioritized and handled efficiently. The possibilities are endless and your digital communications can elivate your business that impact profit margins.

Document Management

Have you done webinars, teleseminars or live events? Turn those events into resources for your clients. Have the meetings transcribed and then turn the transcriptions into action guides or worksheets. Maybe you have an idea that needs polishing? Our virtual assistant can stylize your documents to make your work shine!

Publication Support

Let your assistant handle the publication of your newsletter or blog post. The perfect image can be created or found to focus on your topic. Correct keywords placed and social media scheduled to promote the piece. Need a postal mailing done? That can be handled giving you time to focus on creating the content. Publication corrdination can be a chore. Let Olinda Services manage your publications with revitalised inspiration and verve.

Brand Management

You have worked hard to build your brand. Your assistant can set up alerts to adeptly monitor your social media presence so you can be notified immediately when something needs your attention or to be handled with swift action. Let your virtual assistant focus on managing your brand identity leveraging to your coordination of efforts to keep your company's reputation in sync with your corporate messaging.

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I cannot express enough how absolutely amazing she has been! Her administration skills are top notch and her ability to think and make decisions whilst dealing with a large group of board members in different times zones is phenomenal! I would recommend her to absolutely!

Sue Geuens

Sue Geuens

President, DAMA International

To sum it up, I would say Lisa is the one to work with. Unlike a lot of business partners I have met during my carreer, Lisa cares. Yes she cares about our efforts and tasks. Lisa, we are proud that you are on our side, as you make a difference.

 Rodolph Dandan

Rodolph Dandan

Financial Services

Lisa was asked to help out on a very last minute basis and helped out in a pinch. It was way out of the way for her business and family. Lisa provided excellent feedback and information from the meetings she was asked to represent our company. Great work! Very professional. Thank you!

Monica Tomasso

Monica Tomasso, MBA

Strategy, Marketing & Brand Executive

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